Smells and colors, shades and textures of the Cretan nature, all are there, in front of your eyes

Unique services for those whose standards and tastes are so exacting that the only acceptable option is to find the perfect plot of land and build their dream home from scratch. We concentrates on offering a turnkey design and build service of traditional and modern houses and villas in Crete.  Our priority is to offer a premium rated and excellent quality of service to our customers, adopting distinguished and stylish architectural solutions, finely adapted to our beautiful landscape of Crete and by working on a personalised one to one level right from our very first contact.

If you are looking for a retirement or holiday home, permanent residence, a luxury villa in Crete or simply an investment for a regular rental income then we are able to assist and we have a lot of experience and knowledge, which we are happy to share with you.

Villa RougaUse: rental, Sqm: 320 m²
Thierry HouseUse: multifamily, Sqm: 150 m²
LikotinaraUse: rental, Sqm: 200 m²
BleverdeUse: rental, Sqm: 220 m²
Villa AnemosUse: rental, Sqm: 200 m²
Villa AmmosUse: rental, Sqm: 200 m²
Kampia cottageUse: residential, Sqm: 200 m²
Villa OceanUse: residential, Sqm: 220 m²
Villa AlmyraUse: rental, Sqm: 210 m²
Akrotiri VillaUse: residential house, Sqm: 265 m²